Wroc³awskie krasnale

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Krasnale live among people for centuries, but since they are very careful beings (and knowing human nature, having good reasons for that) they are usually hidden and hardly anyone have met them. However pro-krasnal movements in Wroc³aw (like the Orange Alternative) caused, that they slowly started to show up in the city. Now some of them can be met regularly in downtown of Wroc³aw. If you want to meet them, just click on the entrance (the sign on the entrance says "Settlement of krasnale. Watch your steps!").

Unfortunately, some of krasnale who decided to unhide themselves and live with people became victims of kidnappers (like Rze¼nik, who disappeared one day, and his shop is closed since then...)

Some general information about krasnale may be found in wikipedia. Wroc³awskie krasnale have also their official webpage (in Polish only).

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