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68HC05 Family Tutorial

The Tutorial starts with an architectural overview of the 68HC05 central processor unit (CPU). It covers memory organization, the CPU programmer's model, stack pointer operation, and the 68HC05 instruction set and its addressing modes. Once learned, this knowledge is applicable to all 68HC05 devices, because they all use the same CPU.

In the second part of this tutorial, two sample applications illustrate the use of some common 68HC05 peripherals. One of these is a smart light dimmer in which the very low cost MC68HC705KJ1 provides features not available on conventional electro-mechanical dimmers. The other is a cycling computer that uses the MC68HC705P6A to monitor rider heart rate, temperature, humidity, speed, and distance traveled.

Other common 68HC05 peripherals are covered in the third and final section of this tutorial. These provide some of the communication, timing, and display features of embedded control applications not illustrated in the previous examples.

Begin the tutorial!

TIPS for Small Monitors:
Maximize the viewing screen by temporarily disabling your browsers naviagtion buttons, URL, and bookmarks lists. You can do this with Netscape by clicking on the far left arrow of each section. Enlarge the viewing window to fit all available screen.

For your convenience you can also download and print the pdf version of the tutorial slides or the pdf version of the tutorial slides with notes.

Need help understanding acronyms like SPI, OSD, or FZ? View our acronym glossary.

Another good learning tool is the hypertext linked pdf file Understanding and Using Small Microcontroller Text Book (920K).



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